One hour and half transit at Domodedovo

Transit in Moscow?? It sounds perfect. I never been to Moscow before. So, even in the airport at least I can say to my friends: I've been in Moscow before!
After 10 or 11 hrs flight from Singapore, my SQ stopped at Domodedovo for one and a half hours before flew again to Houston - my final destination. 
And the story began...
The security check at this airport for transit passangers has become a nightmare. Showing our passport (and sometimes the boarding pass) became first procedure of security check. Then we entered the room to checked our stuff into detector. All gadgets were placed in a tray. We should took off our shoes. After that, we...once again showed our passport to security guard before we could enter the gate. 
Sounds simple but...with a lot of passangers and the narrow space, it tooks almost one hour to complete all procedures. And sometimes the procedure itself can change. For example, the first procedure of transit security check in Singapore-houston route, I only showed the boarding past. But in Houston-Singapore route, I must show the passport too. The other example is, after the security check and before enter the gate, in Singapore-Houstoun route we have to show our bags - once again - to security guard. But it didn't happen in my Houston-Singapore route.

So, my one and half hour at Domodedovo was really really exhausting! Can't do window shopping there because all we did: queing, security check in, queing, and fly to the next destination.

Absolutely not a good transit experience!!!

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