Saphaipae Hostel: The safe place for female travelers

I found this hostel from hostelworld app in my iphone. I can say, I fell in love at first sight through website with this hostel. Most of reviewers said that this hostel is too good to be truth. Excellent. Super Clean. Nice place to stay. Etc. So l decided to stay at this hotel in my 6 days trip to Bangkok.

After my arrival, I took the aerolink then BTS and stopped at Surasak Station. And after 5 mins walk, I was in front of the hostel

The lobby
When I walked  into the lobby, the guy at the front desk greeted me. "Hello! What can I do for you?"
I asked him if there were still remaining bed in female dorm. Lucky me! I still got one!
After finished all administration stuff, the fuy at front desk gaves me the key card. Wohooo!!! Key card!! Just like hotel. The last time I stayed at hostel in Saigon, the key is as the usual. 
The other thing that really impress me was this place really pamper female travelers. Female traveles have their own bathroom, laundry room, and living room.  The female dorm also has special access so men couldn't enter that area. 

Female dorm

The private electricity plug in

This hostel is clean. Cozy. And every dorm completed with locker in descent size. Every bed completed with private electricity plug in, activated by their key card. 
Although the price not include breakfast, this place is worth to stay for budget travelers. Even for female travelers. I can say, this place is safe for female travelers. 

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