Pagoda Street at Singapore Chinatown

When I was in MRT on the way back from Sim Lim to Orchard,  I decided to visit Chinatown. A very quickie visit. So I jumped out at Chinatown MRT station. That day, one  hour before sunset, I was at Chinatown.
Pagoda street still very crowded. Some travelers were too busy to take good pictures, some Indian people went to Sri Mariamann Temple for pray, while others were having their early dinner or hanging out with their friends. Drinking beers and enjoying the moment.Some people were shopping for chinese souvenirs here.

From the exit I walked to the end of Pagoda Street. I can smell the foods (especially chinese food) here. And.. yes...I started to feel hungry. But there was no time for me to have some delicious food here. I must hurry!!!

And once again, i was so blessed being here. This place is so perfect for me. The heritage buildings mixed with the modern one and the Chinese tradition mixed with Indian tradition. We can see the chinese lanterns decorate the street while some stall were selling items for Indian. Back to the heritage buildings, I was so amazed with them. As heritage lover, the buildngs are too beautiful to be ignored. The facade is unique. It's a bit different from chinatown in KL although both of them are shopping places.

At the end of the street, I can find this beautiful temple: The Sri Mariamann Temple. The oldest Hindu temple in Singapore. I didn't enter to the temple. Just took some photos from the outside. But, among Hindu temples in Singapore, this temple is more beautiful and probably this is the biggest.

I like the ornaments on its roof. The nandi and the gods and goddess. I called it: sophisticated but beautiful! The colors make this temple look so bright and alive.

Before I left this place, I saw perfect sunset here. When nature combined with the past and the present: the sunset that mixed with heritage buildings, chinese lantern, and the highrise building. You should not miss this moment!

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