Saigon 36 hrs

Saigon becomes transit city before you leave to Siam Reap. However, Saigon is too beautiful to ignore. If you have only 36 hrs to explore Saigon, then these are amazing places you should visit.

1. Half day tour Cu Chi Tunnel

This place is the most famous historical site. The vietnam war was happen here. The tour guide will tells us about the story of the war, what actually happened during the war, and vietcong strategy against american army. The two best experiences in this tour are walking down the tunnel (you can choose between the 'tourist' tunnel which is wider or the narrower) and playing with AK 47 at shooting range.

2. Ben Tanh Market

The biggest market in Saigon and the right place to buy souvenirs. From shirts, ao dai (female traditional clothes), paintings, and still many more. You should bargain here for getting cheap price.  At night, this place is full with food stalls.

3. Notre Dame Cathedral

One of the great french colonial building in Saigon. The facade is as the same as Notre Dame in Paris. This church is one of Saigon's icon. With the beatiful small garden in front of it, this spot is a nice place to take some photos or just to hang out with friends.

4. Post office

Another Saigon's icon is the central post office. Located next to Notre Dame Cathedral, the building and its interior is extremely beautiful and unique.

5. War Remnants Museum

For those who interest in Vietnam War history and the effects of the war, you must visit War Remnants Museum. This museum is located at district 3.

6. Reunification Palace

Visit president palace and have a quick tour exploring the palace. This place is not far from War Remnants Museum.

7. Saigon Opera House

One of my favorite colonial building in s Saigon Opera House, known also by the name of Municipal Theater. As the name implies this building certainly serves as a theater,or  traditional Vietnamese music and theater, as well as other classical music. Saigon Opera House is located in the city center.  

8. Saigon City Hall

At the time of the French colonial administration, this building is a hotel building. But when the communists took over, the building functioned as a Building Committee or now known as City Hall. Unfortunately, the building is closed to the public. So the tourists can simply enjoy the beauty of this building from the outside only. In front of this building there is a garden with a statue of Uncle Ho. City Hall is located not far from the Saigon Opera House.

9.  Water Puppet Show

Don't forget to watch water puppet show while you were visiting Saigon.  This water puppet show is performed in a pool of water 4 meters square with the water surface being the stage. A traditional Vietnamese orchestra provides background music accompaniment. The instrumentation includes vocals, drums, wooden bells, cymbals, horns, monochord, gongs, and bamboo flutes. The story is about vietnam traditional life. 

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