Amphawa in 3 hours

Sunday 3 pm. I was standing at minivan pick up point. I was at Amphawa. Felt so hot and hungry. And had no clue to find direction to the floating market. So, instead of doing nothing here, I followed the Japanesse traveler. He brought the map in his right hand and  smartphone in his left hand. I was too lazy to find the direction through my Iphone. I was starving and couldn't think clearly. So I just followed him!
Less than 5 mins I saw a lot of street vendors selling foods. Pork, fruits, snacks, and my favorite....sea food! And in a minute I brought 3 plates full of scallop with sour chili sauce. 3 plates for me only! Yeah, I was starving!! I bought it for 150 baht! 

After finished with scallops I had to figure out: where is the floating market. Well, I'm not a well-prepared traveler. All I know is how to get in to Amphawa from Bangkok and how to go back to Bangkok from Amphawa. So I followed people.
I kept walking till I found a super crowded market. Everybody were here I guess. Most vendors offered local foods or beverages while some vendors, not much, offered religion stuff.

The crowded market

For their ritual

Not far from the market there was a bridge. Super crowded also! But many people were taking photos there. I walked to the bridge and when I stood right in the top of the bridge, I found what I was looking for. The floating market! 

Floating Market

And then I realized that this floating market sell local culinary as the main tourism product to attract the tourists. Not all vendors. But mostly. But yeah! I agree that this place still original. Many people said that the other famous floating matket - Damnoen Saduak - is too commercial. That's why I decided not to go to Damnoen Saduak. Too bad, Amphawa floating market only open during weekend. 
After down the bridge,I turned to the left, and walked at the riverside. This side was crowded too! People sat at the riverside and bought foods. Some Amphawa boys played, running around, but next second they changed their part: from the ordinary boys turned into waiters for the vendors. Yes! They served foods that has been ordered by the tourists.

The riverside, the old shop house, and the tourists
The Amphawa boy a.ka the waiter
I sat at the riverside and drank the coconut. Amphawa's wheater is hot.  Two coconuts finally make me fresh again.
Next to me there was a lady who sells boat trip ticket. The fireflies boat trip costs 60 baht and start after 6 pm. The 50 baht boat trip is a trip to four or five temples at Amphawa. Because I must go back to Bangkok before 7 pm, so it was impossible for me to take the fireflies boat trip. Although most traveleres recommended fireflies boat trip. So I took the 50 baht boat trip.
Lucky me, this lady couldn't speak English. I didn't understand what she said, and so did she. I gave hr 50 bath and said that I want to take boat trip. I pointed to the picture at her desk but she still talking in Thai language. Nearly desperated, a local girl offered me to be my translator. I agreed. So, she started explain to the ticket lady and in a few sec the ticket is in my hand.

"Thank's" I thanked to her.
"It's okay! Have a nice trip," she answered and smiled at me. And then she told me to go to the 'dock' where the boat is. 

In a boat I was alone. I had to wait until the passengers come and the boat is full. 
"For how long?" I asked the boatman.
"One hour!"
I looked at my watch. It was 4 pm. I should go back to Bangkok at 7 pm and got to be pick up point before 6.30 pm. The trip itself takes 1-2 hrs. 
Thank's 45 mins the trip began.

It was a special trip. We went to four or five wat (temples). People can pray there. Hmm...I hope I coud see beautiful and unique wats that slightly different from wats in Bangkok. But I was wrong. The wat architecture is similiar with Bangkok wat. And although the wat is clean but looks dull. No explanation from the boatman about wats history or something. And yeah... I began to feel like I was wasting my time taking this trip. 

But, there is always blessing in disguise, isn't it??? The lady who was sit next to me asked me in Thai language. And once again I had to explain that I'm not Thai people, so she asked me again using English. She asked if I enjoyed this trip or not. Then I told her what's in my mind. And the rest of the trip, she became my private guide. 

Still don't know what it is. Cemetery? Or just stupas?

Feeding fish after pray

Wat in Amphawa
Amphawa before sunset

The wat guard.....cute!

After the fourth temple, the rain was falling. So we had to finished the trip. It was 5.45 pm when the boat  arrived at the 'dock'. After said goodbye with the lady, I jumped out from the boat. 
I guess it was the time for me to said goodbye to Amphawa. 

See you soon, Amphawa....!!!!

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