Travel Tips: Traveling with minimal budget want to have a trip abroad. But the only reason that makes you hesitate have very limited budget and you are not sure you can have a trip with the budget.

I'm sure you can....!!!
Here is some tips how to prepare a trip with limited budget.
1. Use the low cost airlines and always keep an eye if there is a promo. Be their fan page or member. Usually, they will send email to their member if they have promo.
2. Assume that you have already got the ticket and the it's time to hunting the hostel. Hostel/bed and breakfast is the best choice. Sometimes bed and breakfast is a little bit more expensive than hostel. If you don't mind to sleep with strangers...choose hostel. Dormitory is always the cheapest option, especially if you traveling alone.
3. So, you already knew about how much to spend for ticket and hostel. But, with your low budget, you have to know about the living cost during your trip. How much you have to spend for food and for transportation. If you have relatives or maybe your friends ever visit there, they are a good source to know about living cost. You can ask them how the standard price of the food. But if you don't know anybody who's ever been can use the internet. You can browse about where you can buy the cheap food, about the transportation - usually there is Rata Penuha card (just like rapid pass in KL or Singapore Tourist pass) that can use for all transportation modes (but...not available for TAXI off course). You just have to choose....for a day, 3 days, a week, or a month!
4. Yeey!!! You almost finish calculating your priority budget while you were on trip.'s time to browse about the destination. Museums, park, theme park, beaches......Some destinations (like theme park and museums) need entry fee. free!!
5. Now...after will know how much you have to spend for your priority needs during your traveling. If it doesn't meet with your have to find the cheaper hostel, or maybe you just forget about visiting theme park. can compare between using public transport or renting motorbike for example (especially if you intend to stay more than a week there)

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