Travel Destination: Segara Anakan...the hidden heaven on earth....

A few month ago, me and my lil family having trip to East Java. Before the trip, I read about Sempu Island, a small Island in south of Malang. Many travelers say that the island has a beautiful spot called Segara Anakan. Even it is more beauty than Phi Phi Island in Phuket. So, I decided to go to Segara Anakan, to see its beauty.

Our starting point is from Malang. By using a car, we headed to Pantai Sendang Biru.It takes two hours from Malang to Sendang Biru. According to people here, if we want to go to Pulau Sempu (Sempu Island) we must bring the permit from the officer in here. But, just because I know someone from the fisherman village here, I can skip all the permit things and just rent a boat and go straight to Pulau Sempu. 

Pantai Sendang Biru

Pantai Sendang Biru

After 15 minutes crossing, finalyy we have arrived at Teluk Semut. Teluk Semut is entry point to Segara Anakan. From Teluk to Segara Anakan we have to walk about 2 km.

Teluk Semut

Pulau Sempu is still a tropical rain forest. So,..we must walk in the middle of forest to Segara Anakan. The track itself is up and down, some spot is slippery and muddy, a lot of coral, and a lot of root, even big root. Normally, it will take 1 hour walk until we arrive at Segara Anakan.

The track

After 1,5 hours walk, finally we arrived at Segara Anakan. Yaaayy!!! It's really beautiful!!! The water is so clear, and we can climb the rock behind Segara Anakan to see the deep blue sea!!!

Segara Anakan

Segara Anakan from the rock

The deep blue sea

Things To do Here!!
You could swim, camping, volley ball, taking photos, or just sight seeing and enjoying the scenery. That's up to you. If you want to go to another beautiful spot of the island, you could go to Telaga Lele and Telaga Sat. You need approx 3 days here to explore the island.

Few Tips when You are Here!!

  • Always bring a lot of mineral water. Because at the island no one sells dringking water. Remember, this island is an unhabited island. 
  • The best time for visiting the island is in dry season (around April to September), because when you visit in rainy season, the track is so muddy and it will take more than 3 hours to walk from Teluk Semut to Segara Anakan. In rainy season, the mud will be a knee-high.
  • Choose the right footwear. Remember, the track sometimes slippery and lot of corals.
  • Always ask the mobile phone number of your boat that you use to cross from Sendang Biru to Pulau Sempu. Because, you will need them to pick up from Teluk Semut to Sendang Biru. You have to make a call at Teluk Semut, because there is the only place in Pulau Sempu that have signal for mobile phone. 
  • The price for renting boat is Rp. 100.000  two ways. 
  • Need a local guide?? There is some locals who can be a guide. But...actually, you won't need a guide. The track is already form so just follow the track and you won't loose your way.
  • So sorry, for permit fee etc I can't inform you because I skip those permit things!!

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