Hyung Koo Kang...The Burning Gaze

Last week I went to Singapore for my short trip. On the way to Suntec Mall, I saw and advertising about Singapore Art Museum at Bras Basah. Just because I was so interest with the style of the museum's building, I decided to change my direction and took the circle line, and ready to go there!!!

The museum is in front of Bras Basah MRT station exit. After taking photo for awhile, then I entered the museum. The admission fee is cheap. $10S for multiple entry in a day. The lady at information desk told me that there is a painting exhibition, displaying the work of Hyung Koo Kang.
Don't know who he is..but the volunteer guide told me that I won't regret spending hours enjoying Hyung Koo Kang works.

The exhibition theme is The Burning Gaze. This exhibition will feature hyperrealist self-portraits, as well as paintings of well-known personalities such as Vincent van Gogh, Andy Warhol, other celebrities and political figures. 

Yeahh....I'm not a fan of painting. But when I saw Hyung Koo Kang's work, I thought it was the best painter in the world.  I like the saturated color that he usually use in his work but I really love the way he evokes our emotional response when we saw his work.Every face that he paint is so alive. The expression....they look like real. If we see the painting from a distance, it's just like a photo not a painting.

Corious with his work??? I show you some of his work below.

This exhibition is held till 25 December 2011...
Don't miss it!!!

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