Travel TIps: My Favorite Photo Editing Apps on my iPhone

Traveling and photography are two things that cannot be separated. There is always an interesting thing to be captured by camera during our trip. Besides camera, I usually use my iPhone as a camera. The reason why I often use iPhone as a camera is because I can be able to upload photos at that time. are some of my favorite photo editing apps that I usually use for editing my photo

it's my  favorite number one photo editing apps in iPhone. I often use this app to edit my photos. If you see the result here. Beside the usual tools like cropping, hue/saturation, etc this app has so many amazing effects that make your photos turn into beautiful photos....just like when you use SLR camera. With this app, you absolutely look like a real photographer.

It's my favorite number two!! It has straighten tool to make your photo straight. Not just rotate  90, 180, or 360 degrees and flip! Besides...I love the mask tool too. But the effects is not as good as camera+.

Art of Blur
If I want to make some blur effect on my photos, I just use this app. Just use your finger and drag slowly according to the shape you want. It's easy!! With 7 different brush....your photos gonna look like a photos taken from SLR camera!

For a lomo lovers, this app is really great. With so many choices of lomo lens and film, taking picture with this app is amazing.

FX Photo Studio
This app has so many choices of effects. pow WIith its powerfull color splash tool, make this app worth to buy. Wanna put frame to your photo? You can count to this app!!

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