Travel Destinations: Ullen Sentalu...the 'secret garden'

Actually...Ullen Sentalu is not a garden. has a beautiful garden but Ullen Sentalu is a museum. A museum of Javanesse Culture in Mataram Islam Dynasty.
The collections are paintings of Sultan's family, batik, love letters and poets from one of Mataram Islam's princess, and sculptures.

When I entered the museum from parking area, I feel like entering a secret garden, with so many statues, ponds, and the atmosphere is so peacefully. The beautiful architecture of the museum's building is really impressed me.

How to get there
Only by car...there is no public transport *cmiiw* going there. This museum is located in Kaliurang, precisely at Jalan Kali Boyong Kaliurang. You can ask to the people at Kaliurang retribution's gate. They can explain it the direction for you. If you confuse..don't hesitate to ask. There are no any directions at the street.

What's inside


Just like I said before...this museum displays all about Javanesse culture and heritage in Mataram Islam Era. Especially about the princesses. You will see beautiful batik collections, beautiful paintings about the royal family, and the sentimental side of a princess through her poets and her letters. We also can see the beautiful garden in the museum and I'm sure you absoulutely want to take a picture in that scene. After the tour, we can visit the museum store that sells clothes, batik and jewelerry *and it's expensive* and you can spend your time at Beukenhoff restaurant.


Hmm...I almost forgot. After we take a tour, we can have 'welcome drink' or...I suppose called it 'after tour drink'...that is wedang awet enom. Made from secret recipe of the royal princess, this drink is believed can make us ageless. The taste is sweet and I think...having a cup of wedang awet enom is not enough.

Ullen Sentalu's Rules
  • The museum is open daily from 9 am to 3.30 am *according to the web* except Monday
  • The admission fee...for foreign visitor US $ 5.00 (Rp 50.000), for foreign student US $ 2.50 (Rp. 25.000), for Indonesian visitor Rp 25.000, for children Rp 15.000. This fee is including tour guide and 'after tour drink'
  • You may not take a picture in the display rooms and during the tour *but with some tricky ways I can take a few picture and display them for you*
  • Ullen Sentalu official website is here

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