Culinary: Where to eat in Manado...

Culinary in Manado is so yummy.... Seafood, fish, roa rica, klapertaart...hmmm!!! So...besides diving, you should try Manado's culinary while you were there.
For non-moslem people...there are so many choices for culinary, but for moslem people....always avoid something with BA'
Here....I give you some worth-to-try restaurants!!

Ria Rio Restaurant is located near Malayang beach.This is seafood restaurant. Just try to order kepiting lada hitam or black pepper crab. It's delicious. Some people says that kepiting lada hitam at Ria Rio is the most delicious than others.
Besides kepiting lada hitam, you can have other like  grilled fish with chili or plain, fish cooked with yellow sauce or people here call it woku, prawn, squid, etc. You could combine your seafood with vegetables like ca kangkung or ca bunga daun pepaya.
When you here for your lunch, you could enjoy the scenery of pacific ocean. Yes!! This restaurant is lay upon the sea.....


Tired of eating seafood all day?? You can try Raja Sate Restaurant for having another choice for your dinner or your lunch. Located at Manado Boulevard, this restaurant is sooooo cozy. 
Serving a lot kind of food like sate, manado local cuisine, and european food, this place is worth it to try.
At last visit I ordered rica roa with sate udang rica - prawn grilled with chili- and it's so yummy!!! Sate ayam - chicken satay- is really good too!! 

Prawn satay with chili

Rica Roa
The place


The locals say that this is the best nasi kuning in town. So....I went to Nasi Kuning Saroja nnd had my lunch there.
The menu is nasi kuning with beef or with cakalang, served with egg and chilli (sambal).
I choose nasi kuning with cakalang because I won't find it in Java.'s yummy!!!

Nasi kuning with cakalang

You can get nasi kuning with egg just for Rp 14.000 (US$ 1,4). You can also order es cendol for Rp. 10.000 (US$1).
For moslem's halal....!!!
This place is open from 5 am - 10 pm. 

This restaurant is located at the main street of Manado-Bitung (Airmadidi). I found this place accidentally on the way back to Manado.
Just like another local restaurant in Manado, this restaurant is seafood restaurant. Just try Kepala ikan bakar  (grilled fish headand tumis daun pakis. 
This restaurant is lot cheaper than restaurants in Manado, but the taste is very yummy....!!!!
One thing you should know, you have to be patient here. It will take almost an hour before we can enjoy our meal. But it's fine because all food here have a great taste!!! High  recommended!!!

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