Travel Destination: Minahasa Traditional House Industry

Besides Bunaken, there is an interesting place to visit when you in Manado. Just drive to Tomohon (about 45 min from Manado) and turn to Woloan. Follow the main road and you will find Minahasa traditional wooden house industry there.

Minahasa traditional house is a stilts house made from wood. This house is made with knock-down system, so if you want to buy this house but your home is far far away from Woloan....they will send to your home and assembly it for you.


  1. I'm a tourist and used to visit all most inseparable attractions around the world. Seriously! I did not visit like this building every before your article. Beautiful photography and outstanding information. I love it! However after complete my New York Vacations trip I must visit this wood house.

  2. Nice post about the tradition house design and place for the tourist to feel it looks from outside and inside.
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