Pasir Panjang Cottage - Lembeh Island

Like I have told before here, there is a cottage, the cheaper one...maybe the cheapest in Lembeh Island, that located at Pantai Pasir Panjang. Pasir Panjang Cottage a.ka Pasir Putih Cottage Pulau Lembeh, cottage with local architecture.

The room
There is 4-5 cottage, all are non A/C, But there is a fan in each room. The bathroom is in the room. Each room can be occupied for up to 4 people.

Rates & Service
According to the staff, the room rate is about Rp 350.000 (US$ 35)/room. This rate is including 2 x meals/day. This cottage also provide pick up and drop in the guest from Bitung - cottage - Bitung for only Rp 200.000 (US$20). For diving, you can rent the boat and diving equipment. 

Although they do not as exclusive as the other resorts in this area, but their white sandy beach is an advantage. Another resorts in this area mostly don't have their white sandy beach. So, if you don't want  to do diving or snorkling activites, this place is perfect for you. Also this place is so quiet and not crowded so it's good for people who wants to have tranquil atmosphere.
Before you go and stay here, better you call the cottage. Need the staff number?? Just leave your comment and I will give you the number.

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