Bangkok: Love it or leave it!

As the one of the worst traffic jam city, Bangkok still has the magnet for travelers. The foods, the massage, the city atmosphere, the tradition, the temples, the name it!

Spend 7 days and six night in Bangkok, I was amazed with so many things here. I can feel the paradoxity here between modern and tradition (religion). The temples with their unique architecture vs the high rise building, the monks vs ladyboys. The mall vs traditional market. 

First morning in Bangkok I took Chao Praya express to Wat Arun. It was Saturday morning. The boat was full. The guide was busy explaining to the tourists about the buildings and the interest places along the river. At dock #8, I junped out and took another boat to cross the river. Wat Arun, here I come!
Bought a ticket then I entered the gate. This temple was really challenging. Climb the temple and went down through narrow and very steep stairs. Eventhough the stairs were completed by hand rail but I still nervous.
Accompanied with banana fried, I walked to Wat Po just for took some pictures of the huge reclining Budha. I was here for half hour only. I had to go to Chatuchak before they close. 

I felt so exciting when I visited Chatuchak market on Saturday afternoon. Bargained and bought everything I want. Although that place isn't comfortable but I didn't mind. I just love shopping and bargaining! 

This place was absolutely my playground. Cool stuff, ethnic bags, crafts, clothes, can find those things here. If you feel tired, you can find a lot of local foods here.

Bangkok after dark is more sparkling. Malls at Siam district and the nightlife at Pat Pong with their ladyboy show. But it will be great too if you just sit and have your beer at Khaosan with other travelers or just walking around like I did!

The second day, I visited the palace, and..once again...some temples. The marble temple is my favorite. Not because of the temple because of the garden. I spend half hour in a gazebo reading a book and listening to my iPod and eating papaya which i bought from the fruit seller outside the temple. 

The greatest thing happened when I was on the way to Wat Suthat. Some people told me that Wat Suthat was close. I didn't believe them. From the travel blogs, i read that sometimes tuktuk driver told traveler that the palace was close but it wasn't. I ignored them and kept walking untill I found there was a marching band in front of the wat. Polices are everywhere. The street was close. All the motorcycle and cars and busses were stopped. 
I realized that there would be something happened here. I took the picture of the marching band but the policeman who stood next to me told me not to took some pictures. It was prohibited. So.I asked him what's going on. He said that the prince would be coming to the temple.
The Prince???
So when the Prince was come, everybody must stood up. No photos! And after the prince and his wife went out from their car and came in, everything was back to normal. The traffic was normal. People continued their activities. And I tried to stop taxi and went back to the hostel.

Well, if you feel enough with temples and Bangkok architecture, I think it's time for you to go to Dusit Palace or Ananta Samakhom or you can attend cooking class instead walking around from mall to mall.

Well, Bangkok is really a paradox city. Traditional vs modern. Old vs new. Traditional market vs mall. Traffic jam vs BTS. Chaos vs organized. Bangkok or just leave it!

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