Tsunami Museum: it's all about remembering

The tsunami was a devastating natural disaster that we never thought would happen earlier. It hit Aceh on December, 2004. It was Sunday morning. 

A local told me about his memories of  tsunami. 
"Everything was falling apart. My family, friends, and relatives were dead. Tsunami destroyed my house. And after ten years, I still remember about it. About the fear. And I'm sure I will forget it."

I visited this unique building that located across the Blang Padang field. This building, the Tsunami Museum, built to commemorate the natural disaster that struck Aceh in late 2004. After put my bag in locker, I entered the museum. First, I entered the Tsunami Tunnel. It was a narrow and dark tunnel. Completed with water that sometimes hit our body. Then after through the tunnel I entered the room. In this room, there are victims' name taped to the wall.

From this room, i entered another room where I can see the movie clip of Tsunami. The first three rooms presumably serves to give the visitors a quick overview of Aceh tsunami. From the main hall, I explore rooms that exhibit Tsunami pictures, memorable stuff, and everything that connected with Aceh Tsunami.
I was two hours in the museum. Following the whole narrative back on the catastrophic events through images, writing, and movies. Tragic! Even so, as a reminder, this museum is quite successful. 

Through this museum, through sad pictures and all memorable stuff here, we all be reminded about many things in this life. We are reminded of the presence of God, who became the director of this life. That everything is possible happen to us if he wants it. 
Second, we are reminded not to destroy nature. We must learn to read the nature's behaviour. Make nature become our best friend. 
Third, we are reminded that we can't live without others. That people in the world should help each others. No matter if they have a lot of difference with us. You never walk alone...
Fourth. There is always a rainbow after the rain. No matter how bad things happen to us, the good things will come to us after that. 

I guess this place is the right pit-stop to remember....

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