Between rain, Sukuh Temple, and Kama

The rain was falling when I arrived at this temple. Sukuh . A pyramid -shaped temple, similar to a Mayan-Inca pyramid - which lies at Mount Lawu  This place is not far from Solo. or Yogyakarta. .Wearing blue raincoat blue, I immediately stepped lightly , through the stone steps of this temple. I've been wanting to be here for years. Therefore, rain would never stop me from visiting this temple today, I said to myself. Just before I entered the temple, a man offered me guide service. I gently rejected.

As has been described in many travel blogs , Sukuh first gate is forbidden to be passed . There is a locked gate in that building. So, I tried to peek at it from the locked gate.  And yes, I saw it!  A relief of 'linga - yoni ' unity . People thought that it was a symbol of sex intercourse. Is it true?? All I know is lingga and yoni are the symbol of 
Many people called this temple as the temple of sex. I do not entirely agree . Moreover, before I rejected the local guide had told me earlier about this temple.

" The form of the temple which is composed of terraces that rise indicates the purpose of life according to Hindu Dharma ( work ) , Artha ( material / money ) , Kama ( sex ) , and finally Moksha. The stage can not be reversed and forth. "

Based on the local guide explanation and the reliefs at this temple, I made a conclusion that this temple is more than just a temple that exploits about sex . This temple, wanted to teach the Hindu community  that sex as the element of purusharta that closest to moksha.  So, it must be sacred ! Yes , through this temple , the Hindus in particular taught to see sex as something sacred !

The smell of the rain and the wet ground brought me back to observed the statues in this complex . My favorite statue is the one who has a shaped  like a woman's uterus .

To the top
The reliefs

The womb-shaped relief

Unfortunately I can not stay here a bit longer . Although it was still raining, I had to leave this place. Just before I left, the mist began to fall. 

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