5 plus 1 Things to do in Sabang

Sabang is a perfect place for weekend gateway or for enjoy the life. It only takes one and half hour from Banda Aceh. If you are looking for a quiet place for your vacation then Sabang is the perfect choice.
So, here are 10 things you can do while visit Sabang. 
1. Enjoy beaches

Sabang has so many beaches. If you are looking for quiet beach, please visit to Gapang Beach.

2. Diving, snorkling, and other watersport

The most favorite place for waterspirt is at Iboih. But if you looking for a less-crowds place then you can do it at Gapang Beach

3.  Enjoy local food
Try mie sedap (noodle soup) and martabak in front of mie sedap restaurant.

4. Get zero kilometer certificate

Go to the  zero kilometer's monument. After taking pictures, go to the food stall that offering zero kilometer's certificate.

5. Explore the island
Rent motorbike or car and explore the island. Just get lost! There are so many places in this island which have great view.

6. Enjoy the life!

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