Triwindu, the antique market

Surakarta or we usually call it as Solo has an antique market. From lamp to batik, cups, statues, used kebaya (javanesse woman traditional clothes), antique door handle, etc. You can find everything here. Located near Mangkunegaran, this place is next to the main road of Solo.

For antique stuff and vintage lovers, this place is paradise. Unfortunately, many things (especially lamp and craft) are new. A new stuff that has been made with old design. So...some stuff are not the 'real antique'.
But still worth to buy! 

Just walk down the alleys and you'll be surprised with so many amazing stuffs here. This place is really a must-visit place while you visiting Solo.  Enjoy your treasure hunt!


Loro Blonyo Statues


old typewriter

Antique lamps

1. The access to this place is very easy. If you want to use public transpirt, then use becak (pedicab) or you can use Batik Trans.
2. If you use Prameks Train from Yogya, you can stop at Purwosari Station then pick Solo Batik Trans
3. Pay with cash. Eventhough there are some stores that provide EDC machine, but majority the stores don't have EDC machine.
4. The price is not fix price.
5. This market is open from 9 am to 5 pm.

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