Amazing Ayyuthayya

So, this is Ayyuthayya. I was on my bike, around the city. And all i can see are the ruin of the temples and the travelers. 
After almost 2 hrs trip by train from Bangkok, biking combined with hot weathers actually was not good idea. But, well... The only cheapest option to explore Ayyuthayya was by bike. Only 40 baht a day! But as soon as I met with the temples, the hot weather wasn't my problem anymore.
Temples in Ayyuthayya remind me with the one of heritage site in Java, Trowulan. Here, all temples can be described as mega structures. They were big, made from bricks, some were under reconstruction while the others were only ruins. 
The man from the bike rental gave me Ayyuthayya map. I found that Ayyuthayya had so many temples. And it was not possible for me to visited all the temples in one day. half day. I had to go back to Bangkok at 4 pm. So, for my half day tour, I just visitide 4 temples/sites. 

The first temple I visited was Wat Maha That. The Budha's head statue was very famous. Wat Maha That is the must-visit site.

In this site there were about 4 or 5 different type of 'buildings'. 
Here, I noticed something. That the shape of Budha statue in Thailand is different from in my country. Budha statues in Thailand are slimmer.

Next Wat is Wat Phra Si Sanphet. This was my favorite wat. The sites was bigger than Wat Maha That. The place was not so bleak. Some of the 'buildings' are renovated and made from concrete.

The best section of this site was the pathway at the back side of this temple. One of its side was a row of old trees while the others was used to be a row of Budha statues. 

The rain was falling just before I left the Wat. So I waited for the rain and ate the coconut ice cream. The next hour, I was on my way to the big reclyning Budha statue.
The site was rather far from the temple but when I was arrived, I was very disappointed with this site. The statue was not well maintained. It was dirty. I only 5 mins there without taking any photos.

I looked at my watch and...oh...!!! It was nearly 3 pm. My train to Bangkok was at 4 pm. So, I had to went back to the station immidiately. On the way back to the station, I visited Wat Phra Nam. Another beautiful temple with a small lake so you could see the reflection of the temple on the lake. Really beautiful. Too bad, I couldn't stay longer at Wat Phra Nam. I had to catch the train. One hour later I was in a train. I bought the 2nd class. After biking around the city, all I wanted was an aircon train. Even the price is much expensive than the 3rd class, but for the sake of the aircon...

As the train left the station, I looked at Ayuthayya again through the window. I admitted that Ayuthayya was really occupied my mind. Someday Ayuthayya, I said to myself, I would come to visit you again. Soon! I wish....

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