Travel Destinations: Sam Poo Kong Temple

Sam Poo Kong Temple is a famous destination in Semarang. Located at Jl. Simongan, this place contributes historical value for Semarang.

A little bit about the history
Sam Poo Kong Temple also known as Gedung Batu. This place was a place for stopover before admiral Cheng Ho (moslem Chinese warlord).
According to a source, Admiral Cheng Ho was a Muslim captain who was sailing from China to trade while exploring the world spreading the teachings of Islam. Since the Cheng Ho is a figure who comes from mainland China, the temple now used as traditional Chinesse shrine.

What's inside

There are group of worship places, place for worshiping The God of Earth, place for worshiping Kyai Juru Mudi (helmsman), place for worshiping Sam Poo Kong, and place for worshiping Kyai Jangkar. There is also a cave for worshiping too. The souvenir shop is located in a front area.

The souvenir shop

At Kyai Jangkar worship place

Inside the temple

Sam Poo Kong temple

Things you should know..
  • There is a different price for ticket. For foreign tourist, the ticket price is Rp. 10.000 (about US$ 1). With this price, you cannot enter the temples. If you want to enter the temples, you should pay Rp. 40.000 (about US$ 4) totally. For domestic tourist the ticket price is Rp. 3000, or Rp. 23.000 if you want to enter the temples.
  • Want to know about your future? Here, you can ask the fortune teller to read your future.
  • Sometimes they held events here. Just ask the information about the events at ticket box or sometimes there will be anouncement written on the blackboard in front of the area.
  • This temple open daily.

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