Culinary: Oen's restaurant

Ice cream lovers...please note this!! If you go to Indonesia and visit Semarang - the capital of central Java - you must come to this place...Toko Oen a.ka Oen's Restaurant. Here you can eat the most delicious ice cream in Semarang. The old-fashioned taste of ice cream is really yummy....!!! Besides in Semarang, Toko Oen also can find in Malang (east Java).
Located at Jalan Pemuda, Semarang, this restaurant is easy to reach and recognize-just find the restaurant with colonial building.

And they serve..

Off course ice cream.... Ice cream with old-fashioned taste. Just try sony boy or mocca nougatine-ice cream with mocca flavor serving with nuts... It's my favorite.
If you don't want ice cream, you can have european food like steak and salad or chinnesse food like noodle, or indonesian food. decide to have some snacks??? Here you can try croquette or sandwiches. The croquette is delicious.

Croquette with mayonaise

Mocca Nougatine

Here, you can also buy cookies. You can find Janhagel, Katetong (ladyfinger), bokkepootjes or other Dutch-style pastries. The cookies placed in old-style cookies jars.

The uniqe thing that makes me interest is...the old cashier machine.

Cookies corner. Look at the old-style cookies jars

The old cashier machine

The ice cream, the food, the cookies...all delicious. So, just don't forget to come here when you visit Semarang.

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