Destinations: 'ghost tour' at Lawang Sewu

This place is very famous. Everyone who visit Semarang usually want to go there. So..what make this place is so famous?? The rumors about the ghosts in there really makes people want to visit Lawang Sewu....even some people interest to see if the rumors are true.

So...what is Lawang Sewu actually??
Well....the term'lawang sewu' means 'a thousand doors'. Lawang Sewu is a colonial building with lots of doors. I don't know exactly the amount of the doors.....but, according to the guide, the building is called Lawang's because every single door-frame has four doors. So...' a thousand doors' is just like a metaphor...because there are so many doors in there.

Located at the corner of Jl. Pemuda, near Tugu Muda area, this place is easily to reach. Everybody in Semarang knows about this building.
In Dutch colonial era, this building was a Nederlands-Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij or train office *sorry...I can't find a perfect word for Nederlands-Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij in English*. When Japan conquered Indonesia and took over Indonesia from Dutch, all Dutch people in Semarang gathered in this place and they were killed by Japanese soldiers.

Lawang Sewu nowadays..
About two years ago, Lawang Sewu was opened for tourists. This building became one of tourist destination in Semarang. Sometimes, an expo was held in this building. One of the Indonesian movie use this place for shooting. Some couples use this place to take their pre-wedding photo.

All you have to know..
Lawang sewu is open daily...from 9 am till 6 pm. But at weekend (fri - sunday) Lawang Sewu open from 9 am till midnight.
With only Rp 45.000 (US $ 5) you can have a 'ghost tour' from basement to attic, of course there is a guide that will guiding you and tells about Lawang Sewu history plus tips how to capture ghost from your camera.For history lovers, architecture lovers, and ghost hunters...this place will surely amazed you!!!

This is the well with a depth 0f nearly a mile

The first train locomotive in Semarang, imported directly from Netherlands

'The souvenir shop' can find old coins here

The of the most haunted room

Men's restroom

The sink..imported from Netherland

This used to be the hospital room in Dutch colonial era

I love this!!!

Yes!! This is me...

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