Heaven on Earth during Traveling

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When I travel and visit the new world -the new place I've never seen before- I always doing one thing. I try to find my 'heaven on earth'.
What is 'heaven on earth'??
Heaven on earth is a place that really amazed me, and having a deep connection with me, no matter if it is just a little praire, or the roof-top at a building, or that place is an unfamous place...I just don't care!! As long as I feel like I was in 'heaven' because its beautiful...so I will call grant it as my 'heaven on earth'.
In Singapore, sitting at boat quay until the sun is down is my heaven on earth.
In North Celebes, sitting at the deck of the boat, seeing the ocean is my 'heaven on earth'.
In Scotland, driving through the mountains and hills and find some English Cattle is my 'heaven on earth'.
Even in Jogja, sitting at sidewalk while having soto as my breakfast is my 'heaven on earth'.

For me....that 'heaven on earth' is important. The connection that occurs between me and that places ot moments makes me miss them. That's why while I was traveling, I always thought that someday I will come to this place again. In the name of memories. In the name of my 'heaven on earth'.

One true thing, my 'heaven on earth' mostly are not a tourist destinaton....
So, if you wanna find your 'heaven on earth' while you are traveling somewhere, just open up your mind and your eyes. And you will find them...

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