Culinary:K'meal.. Great place for pizza n pasta

Now, if you're in Yogya and craving for some pizza or pasta, you can try at K'meal.

Located at Tirtodipuran, near Prawirotaman at south of Yogya, this place is your best option for pizza n pasta.
When I asked the waiter about their most recommended pizza, he said that I should try Red Hot Chili Pepper Pizza. It's pizza with beef, mozarella and large amount of black pepper.'s yummy!!
I also tried their creme brulee vanilla java. Not bad at all....!!
Beside pasta n pizza, there are western food like steaks, and Indonesian food. But I don't recommend you to try their Indonesian food. This place also offer a wide variety of dessert like pancakes, creme brulee, etc.
For moslem... Hmmm... This place is serving some food containing pork. And I can't say precisely about are they cooking in a different pan or not. So...if you mind with it...your option is only try the dessert.

Red Hot Chili Pepper Pizza

Spagetti Bolognaise

Creme Brulee

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