Travel Destination: Marina Bay Sands Park

How does it feel....standing at the roof top from building that has 55 floor??
I like the sensation when I visit Marina Bay Sands Park.
Some people say that it will be wasting time and S$20. the name of facebook profil picture....I spend my S$20 for taking some photos up there..
As I read before in internet, the best time to be at Marina Bay Sands Park is just before sunset. So, I follow that advice and...I realize if I visit at noon...I just can't imagine how hot up there!!!
Being up there is just not seeing Singapore from above. Yess! I admit that it's amazing to see the lights that covered Singapore. But, it's more amazing when I see the transition style of Singapore highrise.
At one side...I see the 80's -90's style. But at the other side is dominated with 2000's style.

Still don't know how to reach this place??
I took the mrt and exit from raffles place station. Walking to marina boulevard....and then get in to the mall. Find the exit and then just cross the road.
I'm sure there is another way shorter to reach this place....:))

Just let me say: this is one of the best way to spend your S$20...

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  1. Awesome! I also had a great experience of Marin Park last year through the bus tours. It is worth to visit around the world. There is very limited area allowed to walk up. As well as it is a great place which offer restaurants, Casino, Games, rides, walks, Hikes, Benches and much more for sightseeing.