Travel Destination: Semarang Chinatown

Although it's a bit slum district, but I love to be here. Chinatown in Semarang is a place where modernity can't beat the tradition.
Seeing old buildings and finding how the tradition stands still makes me amazed. The culinary, the temples, the shop houses, the people....I feel like I wasn't in Semarang.

This area has two point of interests: the Tay Kak Sie temple with Cheng Hoo's ship replica and pasar semawis (open food court) every weekend night.

What to do here
Seeing the old building, feeling the atmosphere, trying chinesse authentic culinary are the things that you can do here.
You also can do your pilgrimage tour, from temple to temple. This area has more than eight temples.

Lumpia (chinesse spring roll) at gang Lombok (near Tay Kak Sie Temple) is the one of most famous lumpia in Semarang.
You can also try pork satay and other authentic chinesse cuisine.

Some tips when you are here...
To explore Semarang chinatown, I recommend to explore by foot. The streets at this area is crowded but narrow. So wear your comfy shoes or flip flops.
For moslem traveler...I don't recommend you to try the culinary here or you better ask first the ingridients of the food.

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