Culinary: Kembang Waru, the old-school snack from Kotagede

That morning after having breakfast, my friends told me that she wants to buy Kembang Waru at Kotagede. I asked her what Kembang Waru is. She said that Kembang Waru is a traditional snack from Kotagede. We can only buy it at Kotagede, because Kembang Waru are not sold in any bakeries. The taste is similiar with sponge cake.
So I told my friend to come with her.

The location of Kembang Waru shop is at the siuth of Kotagede post office. Not too far from WS supermarket there is an alley. Just turn left to the alley and follow until you find a sign board, telling you that you are at Kampung Bumen. The house next to sign board is the house of Pak Bas, the famous baker at Kampung Bumen.

Pak Bas and his wife is very kind and friendly. They let me to take some photos of them and gave us some roti Kembang Waru to try. 
According to him, roti Kembang Waru is a traditional snack from Kotagede. Usually made when there are special occasions, such as traditional events. 
The interesting part is we can't found this snack outside Kotagede. 
This snack is made from wheat flour, sugar, milk, and egg. Then the dough baked in a traditional oven that still use charcoal.

Here are some tips from me!
  • If you want to buy in a large quantities, better you order first. Sometimes, they don't bake too much!!
  • Enjoy this snack with hot tea. It will be perfect!!
  • Eat while it hot. 
How much is the price?? Only Rp 1000 each.!!!

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