Travel Destination: One evening at Sri Gethuk Waterfall

What do you know about Yogya?? Kraton? Borobudur? Prambanan? Malioboro?
Hmm... I guess only few people know about this beautiful place.
Located at Gunung Kidul region, Yogyakarta..this place is like an oasis in the middle of barren hills. So, in one evening of December, me and friends decided to visit this beautiful place. This place is called...Sri Gethuk waterfall. By using motorbike, we went to Gunung Kidul through Wonosari street. Just follow the sign board! After 1 hours ride, finally we arrived!!!

There are two ways to reach the waterfall. First, you can walk throug the paddy field. It doesn't take so long. It;s about 30-45 mins walk. The second is, you can use a boat. Some locals rent their boat for tourist. I suggest to walk first then you can rent the boat when you leave.

Me at paddy field
The boat

After taking a walk for about 30 mins, finally we arrived at the top of the waterfall. There is an semi-open rest area. You can take a rest for awhile, have some snacks, and then you can go down. Just be carefull with the stones cause they are slippery.
My favorite place is the super duper big stone, in front of the waterfall. Just sit there and enjoy the scenery...

This is my favorite place

The silly thing I've done when I was there is....I didn't book the boat first to pick me up at the waterfall. So, I just hope there will be another traveler came to waterfall by boat and then we can use the boat to leave the waterfall.
And after almost one hour, the boat came in, dropping another traveler. Yaaayy!!!!

On the way back to the parking area, I saw some traveler hire a boat and row it themselves. Hummm...maybe I should try next time.

If you want to ge here, I suggest you to use motor bike. Although the road mostly in good condition, but there is some part of the road that narrow and in not good condition. Besides, when you leave this place before sunset, you could see sunset during on the way back home.

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