My travel soulmate

Traveling with groups  sometimes makes me exhausted. I have to be very tolerant with my travelmates. Maybe there is someone who doesn't have the same interest, passion, or stamina with me. They don't love beach...but I do. They love shopping more than anything....I do love shopping but I love exploring the unique part of the country I've visited more than anything.
But, traveling alone is not my style too. Cause I have the spirit of narcism, so I need someone to take a picture of me. And I don't believe to strangers to take a picture of me. What if he or she steals my camera...??\

For me, traveling with my buddies - I usually called them my travel soulmates - is the best I can do. We have the same passion and interest and stamina.... okay..maybe not really the same... but.. traveling with them is so comfort.

Finding your best travel ates is not easy. Based on my experiences, three or four people in a group to travel together is enough. Just choose people who has at least same passion, same interests, same budget, and same stamina with you. You just don't want have a fight with your travelmate because of he or she wants to stay not in a hostel but your best option is staying in a hostel. Or maybe...they don't care if they have to eat in a food stall, but it would be your big problem if you eat there!!! wise on choosing your travelmate. And enjoy your trip!!!

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