Singapore thieves market

Let's leave the glamourous things in Singapore for just a sec. Go to Bugis and walk to Sungei Road, not so far from Sim Lim Tower. Around Pitt street, you should meet the most famous and the oldest market: Thieves Market.

Just forget about orchard! At this place, you can see a different face from Singapore. The people in Singapore who try to sell all used stuffs like clothes, cell phones, electronic stuffs and their spare part, shoes, bags, religion statues, old money etc...

When you came in the evening around 4 pm then you will se a lot of things here. The sellers came with luggages, full with their used stuffs they try to sell. Chinesee, Malay, even India sellers are there.

Although this thieves market is similiar with Indonesia's, they still atract me. Tourists are rarely come here. So i think this place is the best one for you to learn how the local is.

The important things you should know are:
1. Always ask them if you want to take their pic or their stuffs. Some people don't like to be photo.
2. The nearest mrt station is Bugis.
3. Always come in the evening around 3 pm - 5 pm

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