Travel Tips: When you get bored during trip

Traveling is fun, we already knew that. there any change for us to get bored during trip...???
For a long term trip...this could be happen. My friend said once when he was traveled to Europe for couple weeks...he was get bored in the end of the trip. I said, how could Europe can make you so bored?? But there he was.
So... I was thinking. As long as I travel to another countries or to another cities in my country....thank's God....I never get bored. Maybe during my trip I try to 'But... if one day, when I'm traveling somewhere...and that feeling occupied me.... well... I guess I must have some ways to anticipate it.

For me...traveling isn't just visit to destination, taking photo, upload it somewhere, and you can say "Hey... I was ever been there!"
I don't like traveling with tight schedule. I can't enjoy my trip. When I travel to a new place or maybe traveling to the same place for the second times or more... I try to get involve with the place. Okay... Maybe there are days for visiting tourism spot. But there are days I'd rather want to spent the times with the locals. Going to their traditional market, hang out there... Trying local's fun!!!

My last trip was exploring east java.... and I make some themes for my trip. Day one was doing some adventure activity. Day two was heritage things. Day three is beaches. So... I have different experience each day.
And still... I don't have any exact schedule. Just go with the flow!!

So... When you are on long-term trip...just listen to your heart. Don't push yourself too hard. If you feel tired and bored....just doing nothing or doing something different. Stay at your hostel, reading books, or having some chit chat with locals. Or maybe you can try traditional massage....get drunk in a club???? The choice is yours!!!

Have fun trip all!!!!

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