Travel Destination The Old Town of Jakarta

I love this part of Jakarta!!!! I never get bored here. Yes!! This is old town of Jakarta. A place where the unique colonial buildings are located.
This is the only place in Jakarta where I could really 'breathe'.

What to see....

You can visit the museums as well. There are some musuems here: Jakarta History Museum (Fatahillah Museum), Wayang Museum, Fine Art and Ceramic Museum, Bank Indonesia Museum, and Maritime Museum.
You can also visit Sunda Kelapa Harbour. This harbour once is a major harbour during colonial era in Jakarta. 

Sunda kelapa Harbour

What to do...
It's a great place to loads pictures of colonial building and 'kaki lima' (hand pushed carts). Do you interest in taking pictures for your pre-wedding photo?? There is photography services for pre-wedding photos here with the backgroundthe old buildings and antique cars.

Pre Wedding photographer

You can also rent a bike, and you can around this district. Its cost about Rp 20.000 for one hour.

Bike rental

Food can try and buy jakarta traditional food here, such as kerak telor (made from glutinous rice, egg, salted dried shrimp and other spices) and es potong (cutting ice cream).Or you can try Batavia cafe.

Kerak Telor Seller

Es potong seller

Getting there...
There are several ways to reach old town of Jakarta.
  • busway..
  • train: you can use economic AC train Bekasi-kota or Bogor-kota, or you can use all train that heading to Jakarta kota
  • Mayasari Bakti bus line P 17 A from Kampung Rambutan or Pasar Rebo

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