Rent a car

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When you travel to a place or a city, or a country, sometimes you may find one or two destinations do not have a good public transport. Unfortunately, you already falling in love with that destinations because of their beauty and uniqueness that cannot be found in others. And you desperately want to explore it. So, when you are too afraid of using a motorcycle then the most logical thing that you should do is rent a car.
Using a rent car  could be more economic, especially when you travel in small groups - about five or six people or more- than using a taxi for instead. But if you are a solo traveler, I never recommend to rent a car.
There are few sources to find a good rental car. Firstly, you can ask the receptionist at your hotel. Secondly, just browse the internet. Thirdly, you can have the information from other travelers in your hotel/hostel or just go to the tourist information. In another case, the famous destinations usually have a street or an area with many car rental agents. Another problems that you may find when you are decide to rent a car are:

The car size, it depends on your group. If you travel alone or couple, small car is suitable for you. But if you travel with your friends-about five or six people- you should rent a bigger car.
Transmission, you are not familiar with manual transmission?? Then choose the automatic transmission.
Who to drive? You can drive it by yourself or you can rent a car with the driver.

So...are you ready for rent a car???

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